It provides services under the leadership of CEO Erkan GENÇ, who has been by the side of the regional farmer with his experience and experience. With its international partnerships, employment, economy it creates and the added value it provides, it is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the giant companies leading in licensed warehousing activities.

ERK LİDAŞ is a licensed warehousing facility operating on an area of ​​4370 m2, consisting of 11 modern and state-of-the-art steel silos with a storage capacity of 60,000 tons. Thanks to the features of our silos such as heat, water and moisture insulation, automatic ventilation and spraying, your products can always be kept in the best conditions. Since our silos are new and watertight, your products can always be kept in the best conditions. Your grain in ERK LİDAŞ facilities is entrusted to us and it is our duty to protect the trust in the best way by believing in its sanctity.

25 Years of Knowledge

Our company has set its target in licensed warehousing as 200,000 tons. Aiming to exhibit a sustainable growth example with its stable performance since the day it was founded, ERK LİDAŞ continues on its way to take its place among the strong and respected companies of Turkey on a sectoral basis.




To be a leading organization that guides the market, contributes to price stability, increases the income level of farmers, and facilitates trade with its trust and quality storage system in agricultural products investments.



According to the Agricultural Products and License Warehousing Law No. 5300 and under the leadership of TMO, our farmer's sweat products are stored in the best way with the awareness that they can get the value of their labor, and to preserve their quality as the first day.



• We act knowing our responsibilities by complying with the principles of transparency, accountability and fairness while doing our work,
• We are open to change and we know that everyone, including ourselves, must do their part for the change to happen smoothly.
• As long as we can learn from our mistakes and do not repeat our mistakes, we take initiative and encourage use.
• We define performance according to objective and measurable criteria, and evaluate it fairly and consistently.
• We definitely appreciate a job well done; we also provide feedback to improve each other.
• We rationally defend the issues that we believe to be correct, and work constructively to bring them to life.


Happy Workplace

• The first and common goal of all of us is to satisfy our customers; we support each other for this, we appreciate the support given to us.
• We care about and support team and corporate performance as much as individual performance.
• We listen first and understand the needs in all our communications.
• Our workplace is also an environment in which we develop ourselves. We trust each other and respect each other's expertise.
• We make our decisions by considering the whole and evaluating their effects on the whole.
• As ERK Lidaş, we protect and support each other, our society and the environment.


• We think and say how a job can be done by developing new approaches, not how it cannot be done.
• We always follow and apply innovations with our most modern truck fleet.
• In line with customer expectations, we meet their needs and all logistics services.
• We constantly improve ourselves as creative and competent employees.

Respect and Commitment

• We do our work in the most correct way, rightfully and wholeheartedly.
• We make clear promises, we always keep our promises, we report the results.
• We constantly improve ourselves and our colleagues.
• We act honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships, thus we establish long-term relationships based on trust.